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Envisaging Futures with an Iconic Global Outdoor Brand

Mobium worked with one of the world's most iconic outdoor brands and sustainability leaders to develop its Australia & NZ strategy.  The process involved working with the country leadership team to adapt the global business model for the Aus-region markets, including clarifying its growth aspiration, selecting its scope of product segments, and refining its value proposition for the local context.


Evaluating Opportunities with Australian Organics

This long-term client is the peak industry body for a fast-growing agribusiness sector. We worked with a consortium including a university, global market data provider and the industry association to produce a high-quality industry report showing the growth and diversity of this important sector of the agricultural and retail industry.

Download the full report from the Australian Organics website.

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Envisaging Futures, Engaging Audiences and Planning & Executing with a leading Social Sector Organisation

A high-profile Victorian social-sector institution recognised a need to develop a new business model that enabled greater independence from its traditional funding sources. We worked with the executive team and board of directors to envisage a range of possible futures for the organisation, facilitated a decision-making process with key stakeholders and then, working with the executive team, mapped out the business business model, a new organisation structure  and a 12-month implementation plan

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Evaluating opportunities with a State Government Department of Transport

We worked with a state government department of transport to incorporate an assessment of the extent to which concerns about sustainability issues were driving major public transport mode shifts towards train and cycle commuting, and identify opportunities to enhance transport network investment models. The results helped inform the state's  transport model forecast framework and long-term network infrastructure investments.

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Evaluating Opportunities with a major Superannuation Fund

A major superannuation fund approached us to help enhance their understanding of member interest in environmental, social and governance issues in the investment industry. We worked with the investment and research teams to develop and execute a quantitative survey, utilising our LOHAS research methodology and segmentation model, to identify the key issues and assess member interest in a new or expanded socially responsible investment option.

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Envisaging Futures, Engaging Audiences, Planning & Executing with a not for profit addiction treatment organisation

This organisation identified the potential for a dedicated facility to treat a currently under-served customer segment. Working with the executive team, we developed a range of potential market entry approaches, supported by a flexible, scenario-based financial model and  framework for ongoing decision-making. The approach was presented to the board of directors for consideration in its next round of strategy and planning.

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Envisaging Futures, Planning & Executing with a High-Growth Home Care and Disability Sector Business

This fascinating client is experiencing massive growth by offering a client-focused service for a typically under-serviced, and vulnerable, consumer segment. We worked with the leadership team to clarify their aspiration, simplify the scope of the business, hone the value proposition and identify the key steps to growth over the next 12 and 36-month periods.

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Evaluating Opportunities with a Leading Australian Food Manufacturer

We worked with a leading Australian food manufacturer to help them understand and segment the market  as they transitioned an iconic Australian tinned food product to a sustainably-sourced platform with third-party certification. The project involved applying our Living LOHAS consumer segmentation algorithm as part of a nation-wide quantitative study, in conjunction with a national marketing research firm.

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Evaluating Opportunities for the Responsible Investment Association Of Australasia (RIAA)

We worked with RIAA to explore the level of interest, amongst New Zealand consumers, in superannuation funds that consider the environmental, social and governance issues as well as seeking to maximise financial returns, along with a series of related issues. The results were used as part of a nation-wide media campaign, highlighting consumer expectations for ESG governance of their superannuation funds.


Evaluating Opportunities with a Major Australian Retailer

We worked with a major Australian retailer to assess consumer reactions to banning single-use plastic bags at point-of-sale, and evaluate consumer preferences in relation re-suable bags.